Black-Eyed Susan Books & Party

Kobina A., Writer

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Do you know the easiest way to get into an extremely fun party at Julius West Middle School? Reading three books!

Ever since the 2011-12 school year, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Dillon, and Mrs. Campbell (librarians and reading teachers, respectively) have been hosting a Black-Eyed Susan Party for students of all grades that read three books of the 2018-19 Black-Eyed Susan list and passed the test for those books. Now don’t worry, the questions are not extremely hard! They are basic questions that anyone who read the book could easily answer. Unlike most book competitions, where teachers, librarians, and media specialists choose the best books, students from all parts of Maryland are able to vote for their favorite books.

According to Mrs. Anderson, there are currently 237 students who have read at least one book. Within this number, fifty have read more than three books. This is much more than when the party first started. Originally, only about fifteen students qualified in 2012. There is one downside; there are six Black-Eyed Susan books in the high school category that only eighth graders are allowed to read. So far, sixteen students have read ten or more, and two of the students have read all sixteen books.

Some of Mrs. Anderson’s favorite books have included, Refugee, Up from the Sea, Beyond the Bright Sea, and One of us is Lying. Although, One of us is Lying is only reserved for eighth graders. In addition, there will be a raffle for students so that they can keep books from this years list of books. Students who read the minimal three books receive one ticket. Anyone who reads in between 4-9 will receive two tickets. Students who read 10-15 will get 3 tickets and eighth graders who read all 16 will have four tickets. Furthermore, there are a few new activities Mrs. Dillon and Mrs. Campbell have planned for the students (they didn’t give me any details).  

Three book clubs in the school are participating in this event. They are Readers are Leaders (Mrs. Campbell is the sponsor), Girls Lunchtime Reading Club (Ms. Mesnard, an English teacher, is the sponsor), and the Book Wars Club (various English teachers sponsor this club). But hurry fast, the party is April 26th! Will you get invited?