March Madness Predictions

Ari F., Writer

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NCAA’s biggest tournament is about to start, and the brackets are in. To give a brief intro, March Madness is the championship at the end of the year for men and women in NCAA. The teams are ranked 1-16.(1 is the best.) The 1 seed plays the 16 seed, the 2 seed plays the 15 seed, etc. The winner continues on to the next round. The first round is round of 62, then a round of 32, then Sweet Sixteen, then Elite Eight, then Final Four, and finally the national championship. There are four regions, East, South, Midwest, and West.


The four number 1 seeds are Duke, Virginia, UNC, and Gonzaga. Here are my predictions for the tournament. In the East region, the number one seed is Duke, and the number 2 seed is Michigan State. Duke is stacked with projected number one pick, Zion Williamson and supported by R.J Barrett and Cam Reddish. My prediction is that Duke will beat North Dakota State in the first round, and then beat VCU, Virginia State, and Michigan State to get to the Final Four. For the bottom part of the East region, Michigan State will come up on top then lose to Duke in the Elite Eight.


In the South region, the number 1 seed is Virginia. Virginia is a veteran team with juniors Kyle Guy, Ty Jerome, Jack Salt, but also has redshirt sophomore, DeAndre Hunter. Last year, Virginia was the first team to lose to a sixteenth seed, after they lost to UMBC in the first round. My prediction is Virginia will beat Gardner-Webb in the first round, then Mississippi, then Kansas State in the Sweet Sixteen. On the bottom side of the South region, Tennessee will continue to the Elite Eight but will beat Virginia in a close match to move on the Final Four.


In the Midwest region, UNC is the number one seed. UNC is an experienced team with Seniors Luke Maye and Kenny Williams but also with young stars such as star guard Coby White and Nassir Little. They are a top competitor to win the championship this year. My prediction they will make their way to Final Four by beating Iona, Washington, Auburn, and Kentucky. I think Auburn will upset Kansas in the second round but then be beaten by UNC in the Sweet Sixteen. I think Kentucky will take their way to the Elite Eight by beating Houston in Sweet Sixteen, but eventually lose to UNC in the Elite Eight.


In the final region, the West region, Gonzaga is the number one seed. Gonzaga is underrated in the tournament, but they still have a powerful team. My prediction is that Gonzaga will make it to the Final Four by beating Michigan in the Elite Eight. It will be close, but my money is one Gonzaga beating Michigan.


My Final Four is Duke, UNC, Gonzaga, and Tennessee. Duke would play Gonzaga, my prediction is Duke will win and go to the National Championship. On the other side. UNC will beat Tennessee to play Duke in the Championship. My national Champion is, drumroll…….Duke.