The JW Jamboree

Michael S. and Donovan W.

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On December 21, 2018, we had our first Jamboree of the year. The Jamboree is a big basketball game that puts the students against the teachers. Since the students have a huge disadvantage against the teachers, the more money we raise, the bigger the head-start we get. 1 dollar equals one more point in the overall score. The whole reason we have the Jamboree is because of a student named Daniel. Daniel was an 8th grader that was suffering from bone cancer known as osteosarcoma. Unfortunately, in the summer of 2016, Daniel died. Julius West decided to throw a big game to raise money for the condition. That’s when the Jamboree was born. Fortunately, this year, we raised lots of money for bone cancer.   

We started off having a lead of about 62 – 307, students. During fifth period, the score was 326 – 401 with staff catching up fast. By the time 7th period ended, the staff had won. The Jamboree is broadcasted live for the entire school to see and the score is updated constantly as it changes. Let’s meet some of the people behind it. Lincoln reed is the editor and updates the score makes sure everything runs well on the computer. Nicky Saffell, Shuxin Dai, Kobina Asaful-Adjaye and Rachel Groce all watch the Jamboree and talk to the editor on walkie talkies to inform him of any score changes so he can update them.