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Udi M. and Niki E.

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Club Sponsor: Mrs. Dwyer

When I went to visit the Art club, (technically, the Art Visionary Club), they all seemed very focused and engulfed in their hard work. They meet on Thursdays in Room 146 in the Art room, and anyone from any grade can enter.

“We have quite a lot of people,” Mrs. Dwyre said. “They’re 16 members in the Art Club.”  

“Our mission,” Mrs. Dwyre continues, “is for all students to become artistically literate by creating lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and responsible global citizens.”

A fun fact, is people assume that their club is more like Art Class (the teacher teaching the kids art, the kids learning.) It is actually finding yourself and is filled with lots of independent work. Sometimes some kids will be working on a school mural, or a Google Doodle contest and more.

“The Art Club will always take donations,” says Srijani Chakraborty, 7th grader.

“And Volunteers for an upcoming annual Art shown in March!” said Nico Shultz, also a 7th grader.

In March, the art club has a school-wide, annual art show. They could use some volunteers. Helpers are available to help out in the art room on Wednesdays and Thursdays.