Magnet Program Applications

Kobina A., Writer

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With their final year at Julius West Middle School, 8th-grade students begin the rigorous work for applying to magnet programs.  Students can apply to several different magnet programs. These include Science and Technology at Montgomery Blair, Global Ecology at Poolesville, and the International Baccalaureate Program at Richard Montgomery High Schools. Besides these options, there are different schools MCPS students can apply to. Like, Visual Arts at Albert Einstein High School and Middle College at Northwood High. Middle College allows high school students to earn college credits by taking Advanced Placement courses. However, students can only apply to certain schools based on where they live.

Students have to apply before November 2nd and take an exam at their home base high school on December 1st. In the application process, they have to get recommendations from their teachers. Based on what school the students are applying to, they have to get recommendations from certain teachers. Space is very limited in each program. The committee that reviews IB applications can only accept about a hundred students. And, they read applications from all over Montgomery County. However, if you are not accepted in eighth grade, students are allowed to sign up again when they are going into the eleventh grade. Plus, they do not have to fill out another application or even an exam. They are able to join the magnet program at their own will. Overall, teachers want students to apply to Magnet Programs to further their learning.