Green Team

Vassily S., Writer

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On Thursday, December 14th, I went to meet Ms. Martinez and Mrs. Powell to talk about their club, SERT, or School Energy and Recycling Team. Ms. Martinez inherited the job of running the club from Mr. Lenz and Mrs. Nystrom. Required by MCPS, the “Green Team” met every week, to promote cleanliness in the school. They would pick up trash, clean up the bus loop, make sure there were recycling containers, and put up signs telling people to turn off their lights when they leave their classroom. On the flip side of the coin, there was a science club. In the past, they used dry ice and experimented with chemicals. When I visited, they were going to look at cells through microscopes.

The club slips under the radar, even though they are cleaning our school every week. We need to appreciate what they do to advocate for tidiness at our school. Not only do they help out building service, but because they are students, they know what we want to be cleaned up. Both Building Services and the SERT team need some recognition! When you see them in the hallway or you see a clean stairwell, thank them for helping the school.