Grades & Your GPA

Nicholas G., Writer

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Most of us talk about our grades. Our grades are important — it affects our ability to do things. If you get good grades, there are more opportunities for you to succeed and have fun. You need to make sure you keep up with assignments and late work. You can check my MCPS portal to try to raise your grades and GPA (Grade Point Average). A student must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 to participate in the next semester. The grade point average required of non-graduates varies according to the amount of college-level credit they have earned. There is an easy way to find your GPA by adding up your letter grades using point values. A is 4, B is 3, C is 2, D is 1, and E is 0. Add your grades together, and divide by the number of class grades you have in total. Now you have your GPA!