The Newspaper Club

Nicholas G., Writer

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The Newspaper Club — what do you do?  Have you ever seen a school newspaper? The Newspaper Club is all electronic, and we work in room 209 on JW’s Roaring Gazette Online Newspaper. Our teacher is Ms. Harry, and she helps us with our monthly newspapers. We get to write, edit, and take photos for stories on JW, Pop Culture, Reviews, Opinion, Sports, Comics/Comedy, Short Stories, Horror, Current Events/Politics, and more. We each write a minimum of two articles per month. The Newspaper Club isn’t all writing, either! You get to eat, socialize, and more.

 The Newspaper Club is always changing and improving to create newspapers for the school to enjoy. Overall, we make new articles, socialize, and have a good time! If you would like to join, ask Ms. Harry in room 209!



Edited By: Nicholas George