Softball at JW: All About the Lady Jags

Melissa H., Writer

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The Lady Jags 2017 softball season was one for the books. This season, the Lady Jags had a 4-1 record, meaning they only lost one game. They lost their first game against Robert Frost Middle School. The final score was 8-3; it wasn’t a bad loss, nor was it a good one.  After that loss, they only came back stronger. The next game brought a better outcome for the Lady Jags, with a win against Earle B. Wood Middle School, 7-0.

The Lady Jags couldn’t have gotten a better turn around. The final three games only had great outcomes. The next game was their final home game. The game ended in the bottom of the fifth due to the mercy rule. This means that if a team is ahead by 15 at the end of the fifth inning, the game is over. That rule was put in place when they won, 18-3, against Cabin John Middle School. The final games also went in a similar fashion, but the mercy rule was never used. The next game was at Herbert Hoover Middle School, and that score was 18-2. The Lady Jags’ final game was at Tilden Middle School, with the final score of Lady Jags, 17-1.

Overall, the Lady Jags had an amazing season, despite the slight hiccup of their one loss. This was all possible because of the amazing players and their amazing coach, Coach Carado!