Francisco Y., Writer

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Bullying: a word every kid knows. Whether they are a bully, are a victim, have been bullied before, or know someone who is being bullied. Telling adults does not make you a snitch.

Combat Bullying

No matter what the bully says, they have nothing on you. Don’t back down, that’s what the bully expects. Usually bullies feel quite different when an adult is before them. Do not react in the least. It’s not snitching to ask an adult for help, it’s just using your head–or words–I guess.

Don’t join the bullies, or the same fate will happen to an another kid who is bullied, and the bullying cycle continues. It can go on and on. If you combat the bully, it’s less likely that you’ll become one yourself. If everyone does this, our school environment will be better for everyone. People can really make a difference one step at a time.


Some states are also making a difference! Check it out: