The Mad King

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The Mad King

Natalie W., Writer

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The dark shadow of King Monak towered over the people of Sweldon as he gave his annual speech.The people of Sweldon listened intently as the King yelled out to the crowd, telling them they needed to order their kids to do more work. Lantern light reflected upon people’s faces as they praised their king. Outside the castle, giant metallic guards protected the metal doors with their long, sharp swords. The courthouse in which the king yelled was the largest and most important building in Sweldon. In fact, every building was important in Sweldon, since the builders barely had any place to build. Sweldon is an underground town. A man by the name of Monak founded the land and ruled over the people. He was power-hungry, and when he died, his son became the king. This continued for many years with the result of King Monak’s great-great grandson, the current king, becoming ruler. Everyone had a great liking for King Monak. Everyone, that is except for two little twins, eleven years of age.

Ellie and Seth sat on a old, oak bench on the side of Sweldon’s main street. They had bright blue eyes with brown hair. They looked similar, except for Ellie’s long hair that was braided into two parts, while Seth had short hair. They could hear the muffled voice of King Monak overpowering the town.

“Come on, let’s go home. There’s no point in trying to hear what he’s saying. Besides, we have school tomorrow,” sighed Seth.

“Fine,” said Ellie getting up. “Race you there!”

Ellie and Seth looked at each other, then raced down the rickety street with wide smiles on their faces. They ran neck and neck with no clear winner. They flashed a look at each other, then both quickened their pace. Seth gritted his teeth as Ellie wiped her brow. Their rustic house came into view. The smell of pie flooded their noses as they creaked open their house door, then fell onto the couch laughing. The twins tied yet again. When Ellie and Seth raced they always tied. Ellie yawned.

“I’m going to bed,” she said trudging up the stairs to their room.

Seth stayed downstairs to wait for their parents to come home. He sank into the velvet couch and looked out the window into the town. The town was dark, as usual. The only light source the town had were the street lights, lanterns, and pits of light from “The Outside”. Fifty feet above the stone floor of Sweldon was a stone ceiling. The edges of the town were covered by dark, stone walls. Seth stared at the glistening moon wondering when his parents would come home. He slowly drifted off to sleep, dreaming of King Monak and what he and Ellie suspected about him.


The day Ellie and Seth have been waiting for has arrived, story day! Once a month, their class would write stories and present them in front of the class. This was the day Ellie and Seth planned to write about King Monak. The twins believed King Monak was brainwashing the town. They had many pieces of evidence for this matter and were ready to express their feelings to the class. They said the story was fictional, but hoped to plant the thought in their teacher’s head.


“Ellie and Seth, it’s your turn,” called their teacher, Ms. Chare.

Ellie and Seth stood up, took a deep breath and turned to the class. Their story included everything they saw and suspected about King Monak. For example, once, Ellie and Seth were in the courthouse security room where their father worked, and saw live footage of King Monak holding a device that looked like a brainwasher. The king pressed a button and device shot out green laser to the people in the courthouse, which immediately made their expression look strange, almost robotic. Ellie and Seth wrote about what they saw. Their story included adults that were ordering children to do work. If the class listened to their story, maybe they would start to suspect King Monak was brainwashing them.

Ellie and Seth finished then took a bow, expecting an applause. When they looked back up, their classmates stared at them in awe. A chorus of boos filled the classroom. The class broke into a rude  conversation as Ms. Chare stared nervously at the twins. Worry filled their stomachs with butterflies (more like bats), as Ms. Chare quickly reached for her phone to call someone. Who could she be calling?

“Everyone settle down!” yelled Ms. Chare over the noise. “The guards will be arriving here any minute.”

“The guards?!” alarmed Ellie. “What do you mean the guards!?”

“You disrespected our great and powerful King!” exclaimed Ms. Chare. “Therefore, you shall be punished!”

Ellie and Seth looked at eachother, reading their eyes they ran for the door. A cry of outbursts came from the class. When they pulled the door knob however, it was too late. Two giant metal guards, much like the ones at the courthouse, stood at the door staring at Ellie and Seth. They were almost twice the size of the twins. They carried sharp swords in their metal hands. Ellie and Seth gulped.

“GUARDS!” yelled Ms. Chare. “SEIZE THEM!”

To be continued…