Inside the Newspaper Club

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Inside the Newspaper Club

Artwork created by Tucker Phillips

Artwork created by Tucker Phillips

Artwork created by Tucker Phillips

Artwork created by Tucker Phillips

Ryan W. and Will H.

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The Newspaper that you are reading RIGHT NOW is made by the Newspaper Club! The Newspaper Club is a group of hard-working students who meet every Wednesday. You can see a list of all the contributors and staff on our staff page: 

Every Wednesday, we write up stories, articles, and comics. Then, our amazing editors review and fix any errors, as editors do. After that, our sponsors, Ms. Wontrop, Ms. Ruiz, and Ms. Harry, take them, perfect them, and post it on the Newspaper Website like pros.

Here’s a link to the website:

Oh wait, your’e already on the website reading this 😁  

Talking with some of the staff

One of our writers, Nicholas F. from 6th grade said, “I like it, it’s been good,” when asked about his experience.

Dana  A., another writer from 6th Grade, said, “It’s a great opportunity to have students become writers.”

When asked about this club, Ms. Harry, one of our sponsors, said, “I learned new things about all the new students I didn’t have the chance to meet before Newspaper Club!”


We went in-depth with Kobina A., a writer in 6th grade, about his experience here:


Q:  “What do you like about this club?”

A:  “I  like how the sponsors give us a lot of freedom. The students get to pick their own topics, and they don’t really force us to do a certain topic.”

Q: “What work have you done in Newspaper Club?”

A:    “I’ve written a couple of the sports articles in the November and December issues. I am currently writing another sports article now, with my partner, Donovan W.”    

Q: “What do you think about the other writers, editors, and the sponsors in the club?”

A:   “I think the other writers are great. The sponsors don’t need to look over our shoulder. The students do fine by themselves, and they are all such creative writers.”

Q:   “What would you change about this crew, routine and/or schedule?”

A:   “Nothing, because I feel that this Newspaper Club is perfect. Everyone should join!”